In 1998, the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Peace opened the doors to the San Ignacio Mental Health Hospital. The institution was founded with the mission to guarantee dignified attention to any human seeking help for mental illness.

Our institution and work model allows us to handle the diversity of patients and their illness, ranging from anxiety disorders and depressive disorders to grave mental illness in a private, comfortable setting.

Since 1998…

  • We have created a unique model of psychiatric hospitals based on the relationships between the patient’s family and society.
  • We have successfully treated over 3,500 patients.
  • Through our excellent results, we have earned the prestige of a hospital in the medical community.

Our Mission

Patients should be welcomed as children of God. We are inspired by St. Francis to provide the best treatment for mental illness that science has to offer in a dignified, professional, and spiritual manner in order to rehabilitate the patient and allow them to return to family and social environments.


Our objective is to provide professional attention in dignified conditions to people with mental illness, so that they can be incorporated with the best of their ability to family, social, work or academic life.


All actions are guided by the principles of humane actions, dedication, morality, ethics, tolerance, patience, hope, human warmth, confidence, confidentiality, professionalism, and the spirit to serve others.

We work closely with the Franciscans to provide spiritual assistance in an environment of mutual respect, sincerity, honesty, and responsibility.


We provide care with the help of experienced professionals in the mental and behavioral health field.

Our staff consists of:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • General Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Franciscan Sisters
  • Service Personnel