The Need for Mental Health Care in Baja California

According to the 2002 Mexican National Comorbidity Survey, fewer than one in five respondents with any psychiatric disorder during the last 12 months used any service during the prior year. The rates of service use by those with mood disorders were somewhat higher. About one in every two respondents who used services received minimally adequate care.

People who seek adequate care for their mental health issues face a significant challenge — especially those who are in underserved communities. Although San Ignacio Mental Health Hospital is not in service at this time, we have received heart-wrenching telephone calls and visitations from family members who need mental health treatment for their loved ones.

San Ignacio Mental Health Hospital is a non-profit facility that accepts patients from all walks of life. We offer assistance to those whose financial circumstances prevent them from finding appropriate care for their disability.

Your help is needed to re-open our doors in order to meet the mental health needs of the community. $300,000 will allow us to re-open our facility and monthly donations are needed to cover our ongoing operation costs. Every little bit helps and your contribution will make a big difference in our ministry to provide dignified care for the mentally ill.